Gentle Pediatric Dentist



For our dentists, there is no greater joy than focusing on a child’s oral health. With pediatric dentistry your child will experience help from our gentle, friendly, and caring hygienists who are knowledgeable in child dental care. From the time your child starts teething to when all their baby teeth fall out, we wish to be there and watch your child develop healthy oral hygiene skills that will always be remembered with a smile!

Why use a pediatric Dentist?

Did you know at least 4 million preschoolers suffer from tooth decay, which has increased by 600,000 kids in the last decade, due to children now have much more sugar in their diets at an early age. How can we prevent this from happening or getting worse? Most Pediatricians in Hyattsville MD usually never check your child’s teeth when they’re giving them their monthly or annual check up. Which is why the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Association (AAPD), recommends your child should see a pediatric dentist by his/her first birthday. Should you choose to wait until your child is older, tyour child could be one of the 40% susceptible to tooth decay between the ages of 2 to 5 year old.
Babies are naturally born without any harmful bacterias in their mouths. But recent studies have shown that mothers accidentally infect their children with mutans before the age of two by transfering saliva into their child’s mouth by repeatedly. This comes from eating repeatedly from the same spoon. As a result, the mutants lead to causing plague, which can eventually lead to cavities.  A pediatric dentist will be able to catch the symptoms early on and protect the child from future tooth decay.